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Shearing Machine

Shearing Machine

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QC12K  Series  CNC  Hydraulic  Swing  Beam  Shearing  machine

Name:QC12K Series CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing machine
Details :
Performance And Characteristics:
        Hydraulic drive, swing tool carrier. Durable welded frame as a whole, using nitrogen cylinder return, smooth fast. Stroke adjustment with non-polar function of the amount of upper and lower blade edge clearance with handle adjustment, even quick easy blade gap adjustment;
        Protection gate with the chain to ensure the safe operation of electrical appliances;
        CNC numerical control system and location of the closed-loop control system composed of encoders, high speed, high precision, good stability, can accurately block is expected after the guarantee the accuracy of displacement measurements, while precision numerical control system with compensation function and automatic detection of a variety of additional features.

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