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Shearing Machine

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QC11Y  Series  Hydraulic  Guillotine  Shearing  machine

Name:QC11Y Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing machine
Details :
Performance And Characteristics:
        Steel welded structure, the integrated treatment(VSR, heat treatment) to eliminate internal stress, have a good rigidity and stability.
        The use of advanced integrated hydraulic system, and good reliability.
        Using three-point rolling guide to eliminate rail gap and improve quality of shear; electric back gauge, manual fine-tuning, digital display.
        Blade gap with hand wheel adjustment, rapid, accurate and convenient. Rectangular blade, four blade can be used long service life. Adjustable shearing angle to reduce the sheet distortion.
        Dumping on the knife used in the structure, easy to blanking, and can improve accuracy.
        Cut with piecewise functions;
Lighting device with a feature prop feeding device(can be another option to configure).

Blade Shelf
Using three-point roller guide structure, frontpre-pressing guide roller let blade shelf always doing gapless motion poseted upper guide roller and lower guide roller. When cut different plates, can adjust the gap of blades. So that cut quality is better.
Cutting Angle
When the machine is cutting different sizes plates, through Adjust the cutting angle, to let the amout of deformation of the material to reduced to the desired state.
Blades Gap
Right blades gap will make you receive satisfactory shear effect. Machine equips a quickly blades gap adjustment, to adapt to different thickness and material needs. Rotate the handwheel, you can adjust the blade gap, the numerical of blade gap will showed on gap switch.
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