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WC67K  Series  CNC  Hydraulic  Press  Brake

Name:WC67K Series CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
Details :
Performance And Characteristics:
The main machine adopts the structure of series WC67Y hydraulic press brake.
CNC system for press brake adopt delem system.
The motors of back gauge and stroke-adjusting can be equipped with importing AC servo motor.
The screw of back gauge adopts importing ball screw with linear guideway.
User can choose other brand CNC system(option).

  E10D SYSTEM X axis and Y axis position display Resolution:0.1 mm or 0.001 inch Holding time setting One side positioning indication Software limitation Power-down memorizatiom   CNC E200 SYSTEM Backgauge and block control BUS mode control servo system Stock counter Program memory of up to 40 programs up to 25 steps per program One side pisitioning Retract function Mm/lnch Chinese/English
  CNC E21 SYSTEM Backgauge and block control Control for general AC motors, frequency inverter Intelligent positioning Stock counter Holding/decompression time setting Program memory of up to 40 programs up to 25 steps per program One side positioning Retract function One key backup/restore of parameters Mm/lnch Chinese/English   CNC E210 SYSTEM Program memory of up to 100 programs,25 steps per program Toollibrary:20 dies Conventional press brake control Angle programming and automatic bending position calculation Back gauge allowance compensation Dual servo system control Flexible l/O configuration Free group valve setting One side positioning Power-down memorization Mm/lnch Chinese/English Diagnosis function
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